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Google Reviews

Excellent group for those new to Stuttgart

Excellent group for those new to Stuttgart and a welcome relief from the daily grind

Seth Wolfberg

fun loving people

Friendly, broadminded, fun loving people, discovering the city / country together.

Prerana Shamsundar Punjabi

make friends in Stuttgart

Barry puts on the best events! Always fun, always great people too! Great way to make friends in Stuttgart.

Amy Hession

meet new people from all over the world

I have had the pleasure of participating in Stuttgart Expats events. I highly recommend the group to newcomers and those who have been here in Stuttgart for some time. The are a variety of events for different taste and interest. You will always a good time and will have an opportunity to meet new people from different parts of the world.

Beliza Dominguez

well organized events that brings people together

Very well organized events that brings people together. Barry always trying to integrate the new people and make them feel welcome..,always helpful and friendly. *There is a wide variety of events and meetings you can attend according to your interests and your mood😊 I really enjoyed the events that I've joined so far and I met nice people🌎

Stavri Christoforou

fun events

Has a variety of fun events to intermingle with a diverse group of people

Linda Myers

meet people from all over the world

Fantastic group to hang out with! Get to meet people from all over the world, and the default language is English, which is nice. Do wish they'd venture out a bit further, like to Bodensee or Munich, but the events that do happen are always a good time!

Chris Douglas

meet international people

Always nice activities to get to know new international people. 😎

Ferenc Szenes

cooking events, sport activities, day trips

Got to meet lots of people and did a lot of different things together like cooking events, sport activities, day trips, ... etc.

Omar Mokhtar

nice ambiance

Good people and nice ambiance 😁

Bouhjar Balsam

English driving license course

Barry helped us to arrange the English driving license course. Very friendly and professional.

Phạm Hoàng Tùng

wonderful group to be a part of!

I am new here in Stuttgart. But the events organised by the group were just great. I got to meet a lot of new people in a short span of time which otherwise would not have been possible for me. The people in the group are really helpful as a single post asking a favour would turn up with a minimum of 50 comments. Overall its a really wonderful group to be a part of!!

Ajay Ramakrishnan

very helpful

Reliable, very helpful and so accomodating.

Cristina Villaruel


All I had to do is sign for driving school and license applications! He did all the paperwork and organised first aid training!! Recommended.

Avaise Mohammed

really an unique value of stuttgart

Fun Group both in virtual and real world. Interest group ranges from hikers, salsites, book readers, formal and informal inprompt meet ups. And for the virtual world, if you have a thick skin and see the irreverence of it all, the meme group is for you. The debate group to satify and exhibit intellect. Really diverse bunch of fun people, expat group is really an unique value of stuttgart.

Sridhar C

met my best friend through this group

I’ve met my best friend through this group, as well as people who are now very dear to me. There’s always something to do, even if you’re simply looking for someone to grab a beer with.

Lama Mashni

great events to join

If you are new to Stuttgart and would like to get to know people, you definitely want to join this group. Awesome people from all around the world and the great events to join! It is a great way to find out cool pubs, bars and nice restaurants in the city...

Debdatta Sen

Mohammed Yousuf

Stuttgart expat group is just amazing. U get to see people from all over the world. Very friendly atmosphere. And great events. Looking forward for more events. Cheers

Mohammed Yousuf

Katrina Fite

Everybody is super welcoming and friendly. Barry does a really good job of planning and coordinating everything. If you're new in Stuttgart or looking to meet new people this is the group to do it.

Katrina Fite